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Sequoia Safety Supply Company offers a complete  line of Hearing Protection products.  For current pricing and information on additional products not listed below, please Contact Us directly  (by phone: 415/382-6694, fax: 415/382-7784 or email).  We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to find a solution to best meet your safety compliance needs.
EAR-340-6002 EAR-6800B EAR-6900
Product P/N Description Mfr/Supplier Unit
EAR-340-6002 EAR Ultrafit Corded Reusable Earplugs (NRR 26dB) Aearo 50pr/Box
EAR-6800B 6800 Earplugs (NRR 31dB) Moldex 200pr/Box
EAR-6900 6900 Corded Earplugs (NRR 31dB) Moldex 100pr/Box
Product P/N Description Mfr/Supplier Unit
EAR-MAX1B MAX-1 Earplugs (NRR 33dB) Howard Leight 200pr/Box
EAR-MAX30B MAX-30 Corded Earplugs (NRR 33dB) Howard Leight 100pr/Box
EAR-QB2 Quiet Bands (NRR 25dB) Howard Leight Each
EAR-QB200 Replacement Pads for QB2 Howard Leight Pair


Product P/N Description Mfr/Supplier Unit  
EAR-1435 Earmuff (NRR 23 dB) 3M Each  
EAR-H7A Ear Muff (NRR 27dB) Peltor/Aearo Each  
EAR-H7B Ear Muff-back band (NRR 22dB) Peltor/Aearo Each  
EAR-H7P3E Earmuff for Hard Hat (NRR 24 dB) Peltor/Aearo Each  
EAR-H9A Ear Muff (NRR 22dB) Peltor/Aearo Each  
EAR-H9P3E Earmuff for Hard Hat (NRR 20 dB) Peltor/Aearo Each  


Product P/N Description Mfr/Supplier Unit
EAR-H10A Ear Muff (NRR 29 dB) Peltor/Aearo Each
EAR-H10B Ear Muff-back band (NRR 28 dB) Peltor/Aearo Each
EAR-H10P3E Earmuff for Hard Hat (NRR 26 dB) Peltor/Aearo Each
EAR-QM-29 Thunder 29 Ear Muff (NRR 29dB) Howard Leight Each



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Last modified: December 07, 2002