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Sequoia Safety Supply Company offers a complete  line of Industrial and Occupational Safety products.  If you know what you want and would like to place an Order Online, check out our Online Store.  We've added product information for many of the items that we stock locally.  For more specific product information please Contact Us directly  (by phone: 415/382-6694, fax: 415/382-7784 or email).  We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to find a solution to best meet your safety compliance needs.

Personal Protective Equipment       

Hand Protection

Foot and Leg Protection

Face and  Eye Protection

Head  Protection
Hearing Protection
Protective Clothing
Cleanroom Products 

Fall Protection &  Confined Space     

Fall Protection
Confined Space

Gas Detection & Respiratory Protection

Gas Detection Instruments
Respiratory Protection
        Other Industrial Safety Products        
Industrial First Aid
Signs, Traffic & Lights

Haz-Mat Response

Personal Protective Equipment

Hand Protection

bulletDisposable Gloves - Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl 
bulletChemical Resistant Gloves
bulletLeather Work Gloves
bulletHigh Heat Gloves
bulletHand Cleaner
bulletProtective Sleeves

Foot and Leg Protection

bulletSafety Shoes and Boots
bulletChemical Resistant Boots
bulletDisposable Booties
bulletFirefighter boots
bulletShin Guards
bulletKnee Pads
bulletChain Saw Chaps/ Leggings

Face and Eye  Protection

bulletSafety Glasses
bulletHeadgear, Face Shields, Visors
bulletLens Cleaners

Head  Protection

bulletHard Hats
bulletSearch and Rescue Helmets
bulletBump Caps

Hearing Protection

bulletEar Plugs
bullet Ear Muffs
bulletNoise Dosimeters

Protective Clothing

bulletDisposable Clothing - Tyvek,  Coated Tyvek, 
            Saranex, Polypropylene
bulletCoveralls - Chemical Resistant, Fire Resistant
bulletRainwear, Rain Gear
bulletSafety Vests, Aprons & Smocks
bulletLevel A & B Suits

Cleanroom Products

bulletCleanroom Disposable Clothing
bulletHead Covers
bulletShoe Covers
bulletAnti-Static Control Products 


bulletWrist and Back Supports
bulletKnee and Elbow Supports
bulletMatting & Flooring

  Fall Protection & Confined Space

bulletRope Grabs
bulletTripod & Self-Retracting Lifelines
bulletConfined Space Equipment (Entry & Retrieval Systems)

Gas Detection and Respiratory

Gas Detection Instruments

bulletPortable Gas Monitors
bulletMultiple and Single Gas Instruments
bulletFixed Gas Detection Systems
bulletToxic Gas Detector Pumps and Tubes
bulletAir Sampling

Respiratory Protection

bulletDisposable Dust Masks
bulletAir Purifying Respirators: Half-Mask and Full-Face
bulletAir-Powered Respirators
bulletSupplied Air Respirators
bulletAmbient Air Pumps
bulletEscape Units
bulletFit-Testing Kits

Other Industrial Safety Products

Industrial First Aid

bulletFirst Aid Kits
bulletUnitized First Aid
bulletEyewash Stations
bulletPoison Oak & Ivy Cleanser
bulletCreams and Sunscreens

Signs, Traffic & Lights

bulletStock and Custom Signs
bulletCaution Tape
bulletTraffic Cones
bulletBarricades, Delineators
bulletRotating Lights, Flashers
bulletFlashlights, Lanterns
bulletWork Lights

Haz-Mat Response

bulletSafety Cans, Jerry Cans
bulletFlammable Storage Cabinets
bulletSpill Pallets
bulletDrum Overpacs
bulletSorbents - Sheets, Pads, Pillows
bulletSpill Kits
bulletHaz-Mat Outdoor Storage Cabinets
bulletFans, Blowers

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Last modified: December 07, 2002